Easy Way To Download Mp3 Songs On Youtube

Now on YouTube, it doesn’t only display videos, but it has featured many songs that have been shared via a platform sharing YouTube videos. The question now is whether we can download songs in mp3 format to our device? Of course, I can. Because now there is a YouTube mp3 dönüştürücü that can be used to display songs and we can download it in mp3 format.

Some Ways To Download Mp3 On Youtube Easily

Through youtube mp3 dönüştürücü, we can download songs with the mp3 format from youtube. Where we can get the song according to our wishes. If we want to have high-quality songs we can choose the quality when we want to download it. As for some ways that we can do to download mp3s from youtube to our devices, including the following:

  1. The first step is that we need to open youtube first, after entering, we need to find the song we are going to upload. After the song we are downloading has been found, the next step is to click the three-point icon on the right side of the video. After that, we will go to the menu and click share.
  2. The next step is we select the copy link option on the share link menu. After the link has been successfully copied, the next step we can do is open a new page on Google Chrome or Mozilla and open the address in ytmp3.
  3. After we successfully enter ytmp3, the next step is to enter the youtube link that was previously copied by clicking paste in the box provided. If so, then click the convert button and wait for the process a few moments.
  4. The last step when we have finished converting is we download the song by clicking download.

Some Ways To Download Mp3 Songs On Youtube Without An Application

The songs that we listen to through YouTube will certainly have differences if we listen to them not via YouTube. But if we continue to listen to it via streaming via youtube, it will be very possible if our internet quota runs out easily. Therefore many music lovers download it first on YouTube. Well, here we will submit some easy ways to download mp3 songs on youtube without using the application. As for the easy way, including the following:

  1. Using FLVTO

As for the stages of using FLVTO to be able to download mp3 on youtube without having to use the application, including:

  • The first step is to open youtube, find the song that we will upload, then copy the URL of the song
  • Open the FLVTO website then paste the URL that we copied right before, then click the Convert to the button, then in the dropdown we select mp3 so that the song we will download is the mp3 format. Wait a while until the download is complete.
  1. Using firefox add-on

Besides using FLVTO. We can also download songs with the mp3 format from YouTube using the Firefox add-on. This method is one of the most suitable ways for Firefox users on PC. As for the methods are:

  • First is to open the browser first on the PC, then download the youtube add-ons. The next step is we open youtube and look for the video song that we will download.
  • After the song we are about to download has been found, then click on the red button that says Download mp3 of this video. After that click download. Wait a while until the file is downloaded successfully.

Thus some important and interesting information that we can convey related to some easy ways to download mp3 on youtube via tubidy mp3 which we can easily change the format of songs on youtube to mp3 format when we download it. Hopefully, this article can be useful for anyone who reads it especially for music lovers who want to listen to songs without having to go through the application on YouTube. Good luck yeah guys and enjoy!

Music App Free for Smartphone Users

People use their smartphone not only to communicate with the friends or colleague, but also to enjoy entertainment. There are many types of entertainment that you can enjoy on your phone, starting from playing games and listening to music. You need application or program to listen to music on your phone. Some of them require you to pay for subscription fee while the others do not. Here is a list of music app free to use.

  1. iHeart Radio

Many people love to use this music app free for its smart system. Once you log into your account for the first time, the application will tailor a list of son recommendations for you based on your preference and geo location. Of course, you might not be interested in some of the song but you can still look for them manually using the browse feature. This app helps you uncover new songs you may not hear before.

  1. Tidal

It is another example of music app free available for smartphone users. You are not able to search for music utilizing the genres or artists. You have to search the song manually. At the front of its page, the app will have a list of the best 40 tracks based on current users’ choice. You may find your favorite song in the list. The sign up process is totally free and you can even use your social media account to register an account here.

  1. Google Play Music

Every phone user, particularly those who use Android phone will have this application already installed. However, not many people are actually using it. The app allows user to browse songs based on artists, genres, and the titles. Location based song search is also a feature enabled by this app. You will be able to create your own playlist in this application. As expected though, you need to watch ads in order to listen to the music for free.

  1. SoundCloud mp3juice

This is a unique music app free in the sense that it actually provides you an opportunity to enjoy music not only from well-known musician. The app is actually designed in order to provide platform for indie artists and DJ to promote their music in affordable way. When you are using this app to listen to music, you need to take additional steps to find music that will match your taste. You may need to listen to few tracks before finding the right one. The result is worth the extra work, though.

Website To Listen To The Best Mp3 Songs Online

Listening to music is indeed very fun, almost most people make this activity a hobby. For some people who like to listen to music, all activities will always be accompanied by music, because if there is no music it will feel bland and empty. Therefore listening to music is a very pleasant activity. Besides that, listening to music can also be used as an ingredient for relaxation and calming down, moreover, now there is a free website to be able to listen to music without having to download songs one by one.

Some Of The Best Websites For Listening Are Free The Best Online MP3 Songs

This sophisticated era has a lot of applications or websites that provide various types of music to listen to for free. However, most of these websites have many shortcomings, some of which are low-quality songs, and many other disadvantages. Well, for those of you who have a hobby of listening to music, here we will inform some of the best application websites that are commonly used to listen to MP3 music online and of course consist of various genres of complete music. As for some of the sites of the application to listen to the best music online, including the following:

  1. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is one of the music platforms that can be used to listen to various types of music, besides it is also very possible to upload, share and also be able to promote songs. Many of these applications have used it, which is more than 40 thousand people who have operated it all over the world.

  1. Spotify music

Besides SoundCloud, there is also Spotify music. Where is one application that is commonly used to stream several songs? This application is a music application that uses the Swedish base that has been used by more than 20 thousand people who have enjoyed this application. Spotify music provides various genres of music for free, but some of the advanced features in it can only be enjoyed with paid subscriptions. With this application, we can also make a list of our own songs according to the wishes and tastes of our songs.

  1. Pandora

Besides SoundCloud and Spotify, there are also other applications that are usually used to listen to music by the world community, namely Pandora. Pandora is a free music streaming site. Where Pandora is usually very capable of adjusting to our musical tastes so we don’t need to bother looking for it.

  1. DashRadio

Another application that can also be used to listen to songs online is dash radio. Where this music platform has more than 3 million customers and has a variety of different music genres.

Some Ways To Listen To Free Mp3 Songs Online Legally

Music, which is something that is synonymous with art and hobbies, has always been liked by many people, ranging from young people to the elderly. In this era of sophisticated and all-technology, moreover the entry of the internet in Indonesia which makes music a very easy thing for us to get, many free links to download songs illegally. Well, to continue to appreciate the services of the arts, we need to listen or download songs online illegally. As for ways to listen to songs legally, including the following:

  1. Via YouTube

One of the legal ways to listen to songs is by listening through a YouTube account. Youtube is one of the social tools that are currently being loved by teenagers, so it’s not surprising that many listen to music using youtube. Because usually artists or musicians have a youtube account and every song that is owned by musicians will certainly be uploaded to youtube for us to enjoy legally.

  1. Through online radio

In addition to YouTube, so that we can be good listeners where we can enjoy songs that value works, then we will not listen to songs illegally. One way is to listen online via radio. Where online radio has been trusted by the public for years to be able to listen to music. In addition, it is combined with the internet so that it is easier for someone to be able to enjoy various music from various parts of the world

Thus some important and interesting information that we can convey related to several ways and also some of the best websites that can be used to listen to free mp3 songs online is legal. Hopefully, this article can be useful for readers especially for music lovers who still listen to music illegally. Now it must be wise to listen to music through a legalized application. Besides being legal, it certainly has better sound quality so that we can enjoy the music we are listening to more. fullrip Good luck and enjoy you guys!

7 Tips for A Song Writer to Write Hit Songs

If you are into music and love to write or composing music, producing the hits might be one of your dreams. Who does not want to reach that kind of dream? Being a songwriter is indeed something related to your natural talent. However, it does not mean you do not need to improve or try something that you never try before to be a songwriter. So, if you really want to be a songwriter who writes many hits songs, these tips can be helpful for you!

Great Tips to Produce Great Lyrics for Hit Songs

A different person will have a different character in writing the lyrics they want. Of course, it depends on what source of inspiration that leads them to write a song. As you might already be inspired by something, it does not mean you do not need to make it better with the touch of musical things. So, if you really want to know about several things that can help you to get perfect lyrics that suits match into the musical things, here is the list for you!

  • Inspiration of Muse

Of course, one of the most important things is that you have to know your inspiration. It is important to get your own muse so that you can pour your feeling more on your lyrics.  Having muse for your song will make your lyrics more beautiful. The feeling will reach out people’s heart. So, before you write down your song lyrics, it is good to look for your inspiration or muse. It will give you a better result in writing with good feelings.

  • Writing Down All the Lyrics

Once you get inspiration do not forget to write down all the lyrics on your mind. When you write the lyrics, you might probably do not directly get the proper form of your lyrics. You need to fix the stanza and probably change some words to make it more beautiful. At least, by writing down all the lyrics on your mind, you will not forget your first main idea of writing the lyrics.

  • Decide the Tempo

After you get the lyrics, do not forget to turn it from the written text into the music. First, you can start by deciding the tempo. The tempo will help you to deliver the music better. For example, some people choose the slow tempo and consider their songs as a ballad to deliver peaceful and sometimes sadness. That depends on your music preference.

  • Learn and Write the Chords

After deciding the chords, the other thing that is important is that learning and writing which chords will be suitable for your songs. Then, you will get almost perfect song after you write the chords. It will help you to remember the whole song as you might look for the chord part by part.

  • Write the Progression

Some songs use some progression. When you are writing song lyrics of the song and already into your composing part, you really have to consider the progression of the song. Progression will make your song sounds more various in music. It makes people will not get bored easily while listening to your song too. So, you need to consider and write the progression as well.

  • Remember the Bridge

Bridge in a song will bring dynamic of the song. So, it is good to add the bridge in some parts of the song. It can be the sign when your song is about to hit the refrain or the important part of your song. Some people even can use the bridge as the part that can be easily remembered from your song. So, when you write your song, please consider the bridge as well.

  • Try the Whole Songs and Do Corrections

Actually, after you finish to write and to compose the whole song. The next thing to do is by trying the whole songs. Play your song with guitar or piano for the whole song. Then, it will help you to know about how this song sounds like the whole song for the first time. After that, once you hear the song, you probably have a will to do the corrections of some parts of the song. That is good since you can revise your song into something better.

In conclusion, if you want to write and compose a good hit song, you can consider many things related to it. It is not merely about choosing the words but also how you combine the tempo, chords, note, and more things into a good song. With good consideration of choosing words, chords, and many more, it will show people how good the song it. Hopefully, if you also want to be a good songwriter, please consider the tips that mentioned before for better result of the songs.

How to Find Your Best Songs

Every composer or, of course, considers their composing career as their big goal. They want to be a success with their song and they want people around the world to know about their song. Of course, it is important for them to know about how inspiration can come and help them to create the best song. If you are also the part of those who want to have success with writing song, here is the information for you!

Try These Tips for Your Best Songs Inspiration!

If you really want to get inspiration for writing your song, you need to know how people usually deal with it. Of course, a different person will have different inspiration or habit of looking for inspiration. Some of the following things are examples of some activities that can help you to get your best song inspiration! Check this out!

  • Remembering Your Happy Memory

If you want to write a happy song, of course, you also have to have a happy feeling. To gain that happy feeling, you can start by remembering the happy memories that you have in your old days or recent days. You can imagine how happy you are when you are with someone when you are in your school days or something else. The memories will bring back your happiness so that you can write down what you feel at that time.

  • Visiting Certain Places

Places can be the place where we keep our memory. That is the fact that can be helpful for you if you want to remember having a certain feeling in certain places. To fill up the feeling, you can spend your time to visit those places to get back your memory. Then, you also can write your lyrics there and it will be one of the best ways to gain inspiration for your song.

  • Looking Up into Some Old Pictures

Pictures are also the best way to keep your memory along with you. If you want to remember certain things happen in the past, you can open your old pictures album to help you to remember how beautiful it was. Then, it will also help some people to write the lyrics easier. If can try this way, as it also can be helpful for you to get inspiration!

  • Pouring Idea Right After Your Special Days

Inspiration to write a song can also be from your experience of having beautiful or memorable days. If you get your inspiration right after having experience with your special days, you can directly pour your ideas and it will help you to get the best lyrics which full of feeling that you want to deliver.

Those are only a few examples of how you can get your inspiration on writing lyrics. You can try those tips as those probably can inspire you on writing your lyrics. If you write the lyrics with full feeling, it will help you to deliver the song which is full of feeling as well. Then, your song will be the best song from your masterpieces!

The Best Application For Streaming Music On Android

Music which is part of art seems to have entered into the daily lives of most people. Not infrequently people who carry out their activities are always accompanied by music. Therefore, there are so many genres of music that we can choose what genre of music suits us. In addition to the music genre that is increasingly increasing, applications that can be used for streaming music are also increasing. But here we will inform you about some of the best applications for streaming music on our android.

Some Of The Best Applications For Streaming Music On Android

The many applications for streaming songs provide many benefits. One of the benefits of an application for streaming songs is that we can listen to any song without having to download it. However, the number of applications makes it difficult for us to distinguish which applications have good quality and which ones have low quality. For those of you who are confused, don’t worry, guys, here we will provide information related to applications that are used for the best streaming music, including the following:

  1. Apple music

The first application for streaming music is apple music. Apple music is a service for streaming music first on Apple, where this application offers various types of music genres on the music list. Although this application was designed by Apple, this application can also be used for Android users and iOS. Where this application is very complete, which contains 45 million songs originating from various countries.

  1. Youtube music

Besides apple music, youtube can also be used to stream songs. However, the main obstacle when we are enjoying a song we will be disturbed by the ad. Don’t worry, youtube red has been provided, which is where youtube red is intentionally designed without ads so we can enjoy various songs without having to be bothered with advertisements.

  1. Amazon music

Besides apple and youtube music. There is also the best streaming music application, amazon music. Whereby using Amazon we can have access to be able to enjoy various songs for free.

  1. Joox

Another application that can be used for streaming music that is no less good and famous is Joox, where Joox is an application that is able to pamper its users to be able to listen to more than 2 million of the best songs, both local and international songs. We can also listen to songs that are on Joox offline by downloading first.

Some Advantages Of Listening To Music Streaming In The Application

The age development makes technology and the internet a very necessary thing. This also makes technology and the internet a habit done by people nowadays. Starting from communicating, transacting to finding entertainment such as finding songs to listen to. There are many advantages that we can feel with the internet and technology, especially for music lovers, now many applications for streaming are the most complete that will make it easier for us to listen to music that has any genre. The advantages obtained from listening to songs by streaming using applications, including the following:

  1. No need to bother downloading first

The advantages of streaming songs using the most important application are that we don’t have to bother downloading songs first. We can choose any song we want to listen to without having to download it first. This will certainly make us more efficient and more effective in time and can minimize the internet quota that is easily exhausted.

  1. Does not limit storage memory

Another advantage of listening to songs without streaming is that we do not need memory storage to store the songs that we download because with streaming we do not need to download songs that we listen to. The more songs we listen to without streaming, the more songs we need to download and the more storage memory we need to prepare for the song, by listening to songs with streaming, we don’t need to prepare a lot of space.

  1. The collection of music is very complete

Another advantage of listening to music with streaming is that we don’t need to download a lot of music collections that are available and very complete. Where on the application usually there will be a lot of songs available, even the number is almost millions.

  1. Good quality music

The most striking advantage of listening to music through streaming applications is excellent audio quality. Different if we download the links that are on the web for free and illegally. Where on Spotify has 3 sound qualities that we can choose according to our wants and needs? The sound produced is also quite a balanced tonal detail that has the Ogg Vorbis format.

Yes, that is some important and interesting information that we can convey related to several applications that can be used for the best streaming music and some benefits of using streaming applications. Hopefully, this article can provide benefits for readers, especially for music lovers to be able to have applications that can be used for streaming music because of the many advantages that we can get from the streaming application. Good luck and good luck!